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Teenager Porno Audition – Cynthia Jay

I have to be honest and admit that having the pleasure to work with the beautiful, blonde, Real Colorado Girl, Cynthia Jay, in her teenager porno audition was one of the highlights of my career as a producer. Some models stand out for their beauty, some models stand out for their charm, some models stand out for their humor and still more stand out for their “teenager-next-door” appeal – Cynthia Jay is one of those rare Colorado models that falls in the “all-of-the-above” categories. And she was super fun to work with. Cynthia had never before bared her “all” in front of a camera but that didn’t stop this charming but naughty Colorado teenager from having fun in her porno audition. Cynthia then did three or four more amateur porno sets for us before moving on with her life. But we feel blessed for having the chance being the first to share her beauty with the world and would welcome this wonderful teenage blonde back in the future.

The first thing that strikes you about Cynthia Jay is her smile – the kind of smile that enthralls and titillates at the same time. A smile that makes you wonder how sweet a tender kiss would feel – the kind of smile you imagine looking up at you just before it wraps itself around your throbbing member….

Cynthia Jay Smiles For Her Fans shaved blonde teen eighteen hym sfm plts dildo amateur

Cynthia Jay Smiles For Her Fans


But this blog is about porno auditions and so I’m sure you all hunger for to see her “other-end” so let’s have Cynthia peel off her army cammies and show us what she’s hiding under those deceptively loose pants. I’ll be damned – a teenager that wears net stalkings and a garter belt under her drawers is always worth a few extra points – and do I see a hint of a tattoo on your side and on your wrist? And pierced too. ;-) What more are you hiding from us you nasty little minx. Oh – and yes I did notice; what a sweet little, pink little pussy – framed by the marvelous ass. Cynthia we love you.

Cynthia Jay - Sweet-Little, Pink-Little, Pussy

Cynthia Jay – Sweet-Little, Pink-Little, Pussy


Now be a nice teenager (or is that a naughty teenager?) and show us how you play when you’re alone. Grab your favorite sex sextoy, you know, the one that both bumps and grins, then throw your beautiful blonde hair back on the pillow, spread your divine legs , see if you can tickle the right spot – and oh yes, let me video you masturbating for the first time.

Cynthia Jay - First On-Camera Orgasm

Cynthia Jay – First On-Camera Orgasm


But enough of the creative writing – you came her to see Cynthia audition – and no audition is complete if we don’t get to see a model’s boobies. And everyone knows that I have a preference for petite, perfectly shaped pointy boobies with little nipples – you know, this kind you see here – what a perfectly nasty, absolutely beautiful teenager in her first porno audition ever.

Cynthia Jay - Porn Audition

Cynthia Jay – porno Audition


For those of you that enjoy Cynthia – and real coeds like her, please take a minute to check out our sites. Real Colorado Girls, Glass Mannequin, and Bring Me Your Sister. If you enjoy beautiful coeds like Cynthia, then join one – I’ll throw in full access to the other two and the few money will help us continue to bring you the sexiest teenager porno models in Colorado.

And one more picture of the naughty and sexy Cynthia Jay for your enjoyment pleasure.

Cynthia Jay - Smile For The Camera

Cynthia Jay – Smile For The Camera


If you’e a sexy and naughty teenager like Cynthia, live in or travel to Colorado, and would like to make a few extra money, we have a bit of helpful information here: Become A Model

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Cumming Together

I love girls that have fun during sex and it’s a plus if they have real orgasms and it’s a rare woman that can have fun during sex, have real multiple orgasms and cums at the same time you do. Real Colorado coed Indica Young is one of those rare finds. This dwarf flaxen from the high plains of Colorado is not only a lot of fun to be with, she loves to fuck too. In this unbelievable video, this hot young mom takes an older man’s fat pecker in what has to be one of the best “real sex, real orgasm” shoots I’ve ever seen. Watch her quiver as the old bastard pushes his fat pecker deep and holds it as he plays with her puffy clit. Then watch her cum again as he hammers her pink little vagina with his fat pecker, pulling out as she climaxes the second time and dumping cum all over her shaved coed vagina and immaculate tummy – then slowly sticks his fat pecker back into her cum-drenched cunt and deposits the rest of his cum in her quivering vagina in a mutual orgasmic creampie.

Be sure to watch the cum-drenched face-sitting Indica Young gives the old man after the creampie – it’s a classic.  Download the entire scene on Real Colorado Girls right now.

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Colorado Coeds Like To Suck Giant Schlongs

Anistaija VioletLittle bj bc brunette teen amateur xxx gnd bgg orgy plts bntsI’ve had an oral fantasy for as long as I can remember but watching these two Colorado teens sucking Ricky’s cock made me want to whip out my own hard erection and stuff it in these coed sluts face. Lucky for you, I had my video camera with me and filmed these two sluts sucking on Ricky’s hard cock.

These two coed coeds had never fucked together but they did more than suck this jumbo cock – after swallowing as much of Ricky’s cock as that could handle, Anistaija spread her tight coed cunt and let Ricky slide his hard prick in and Violet Little licked her swollen clitoris. Oral coed-coed sex with a immense cock stuffed into one of the tight coed twats – my kind of lovin. After Anistaija had her fill of Ricky’s jumbo cock, she started doing 69 sex with Violet as Ricky fucked Violet dogie style. Ricky railed Violet’s wet cunt as Anistaija licked her cunt – amateur smut at it’s best.

By this point, My cock was bulging in my pants but despite my lust after to drop the camera and join in, I kept on filming the coed threesome. They switched up again and Ricky again fucked Anistaija’s now soakig wet muffy till he shot hot sperm all over her firm coed titties – then I filmed the giggling coed harlot Violet as she licked the still warm sperm from Anistaija’s hard nipples.

You can see a teaser of this video here or sign up at GlassMannequin.com and see the entire DVD quality video of this hot coed threesome.

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Acasha Binito First Time On Camera

Acasha Binito is showed up at my door today hoping to get a little coin to pay her brother the coin she owed him and left with a beet-red ass, a sore cunt and mouth full of cum. Her brother left with 68minutes of scene of his sister fucking that he had filmed himself. This Colorado transplant from Washing State openly states that she’s always wanted to do porno as being able to have her brother there filming her porn audition was a bit calming and a little weird at the same time.

Acasha Binita And Her Brother Arrive At My Door acashabinito petite blonde xxxp sisp oldny plts 1tm tattooed bfc panties amateur teen booty

Acasha Binita And Her Brother Arrive At My Door

Acasha was down for getting fucked on camera but it took a while before she accepted the idea of her brother filming my fat meat as I pulled her undies aside, spread her superlative ass-cheeks and hammered her itty bitty pink cunt with my fat meat.

Imagine Being The First To Grab This Perfect Ass On Camera

Imagine Being The First To Grab This superlative ass On Camera

In addition to being itty bitty, Acasha is also flexible. After letting the cute flaxen ride my meat for a bit, I threw the itty bitty flaxen on her back, pulled her undies behind her fellatio and fucked the petite coed even harder – watch her right hand attempt to keep me from giving her the full length of my throbbing meat – damn I petite coeds.

Tiny Flexible Girls Turn Me On

Tiny Flexible teenagers Turn Me On

This is one of my favorite pictures of the cute little flaxen as she rides my meat. From this laid-back cowgirl position, I could not only see my meat working it’s wonder in her little cunt, I also had a superlative frontal view of Acasha’s itty-bitty-titties – num num num num…..

Acasha Binito - Tiny Girl with Perfect Little Titties

Acasha Binito – itty bitty coed with superlative Little Titties

See Acasha’s audition exclusively on Bring Me Your Sister


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Cute Teen Redhead Auditions

It’s not every day that we get a teenager to audition that’s as cute the coed redhead Alison Rapture from Denver Colorado so when she showed up at our door with her brother ready to audition, we jumped at the chance to shoot her in her first shoot. Her brother didn’t object either – he was planning on filming her….. his own sister in her coed porno audition. All he had to do was convince her that making her first porno shoot was a good idea. Maybe he should have consulted his sister before pimping her out. There’s a gallery of free photograph of Alison here: Cute Redhead Sister Gets Boned or you can Join Bring Me Your Sister and download the entire shoot today.

Alison Rapture Teen Porn Audition alisonrapture xxxp sisp blsdp plts pufm bfc oldny skinny redhead tattooed 1tm eighteen nnts forfasm gnd anateur teen

But first – a bit more about the cute the tattooed and pierced redhead from Denver Colorado. Despite being a little nervous in her first porno shoot, it was obvious that the skinny redhead with the pierced nipples and sweet shaved muffy enjoys sex. This teenage teenager took to a large dick like a fish takes to water but first we had to get her nude so handing her brother the camera, I peeled Alison’s blouse off exposing her excellent firm boobs and pierced nipples to the world, and her brother, for the first time. Members of Bring Me Your Sister get access to nearly 100 sister porno videos and thousands of photograph of siblings making porno together.

Alison Rapture undresses as her brother watches

After getting a stellar hummer from his sister, I then bent the athletic coed redhead over the arm of the couch and fucked her proper from behind. The warmth of her sweet coed muff engulfing my throbbing dick and her brother filmed my balls slapping against her wet little cunt. Her brother actually got some very good shoot of his sister in her hardcore porno audition – you can download the girl next door shoot he made, along with dozens of other sister porno vids in the members area of Bring Me Your Sister.

Fucking Alison Rapture for the first time on camera

Rolling his sister over, I spooned with the beautiful coed redhead, giving her brother a excellent camera angle as I hammered my fat dick balls-deep in his sister’s now dripping-wet coed muff. She moaned and chirped as I slammed my fat dick as deep in his sister’s muff as possible, making his sister climax numerous times before blowing a immense load of warm sticky semen all over his sister’s flat coed stomach.

Balls-deep in his sister

Members of Bring Me Your Sister also get full access to two additional girl next door porno sites packed with girl next door teenagers getting nude on camera for the first time – join today and enjoy the best real girl next door porno on the internet for one low price.

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Little Sister Smut

Autumn had wrecked her brother’s cars and didn’t have the coin to pay him back and he was pissed because he felt his little sister was going to fuck him out of his coin. She was out of work and was spending the entire day lying around the pad and had no way to pay her brother back. Of course, her brother wanted his coin and a little retaliation and what better way to get retaliation and bucks from your sister than to pimp her little teen coochy out in her first porno video clip.

His Little Sister Is Nervous autumnbreeze xxxp sisp teen shaved skinny plts voyeur brunette amateur teen 1tm oldny sibling

His Little Sister Is Nervous But Lets The Old Man eat Her Pussy

How many brothers get to fuck their sisters back after being fucked over by them in the first place. Well, Phil fucked his sister by pimping her teen ass out to an old man that makes video clips of guys little sisters and pays the brother for his sister’s coochy. The old man that runs the site even let her brother video him violating her teen coochy. If you like to see naughty brothers making little sister porn then you need to check out Bring Me Your Sister today.

Phil Filming His Teen Sister Fucking

Phil videos His teen Sister Fucking The Old Man

See the skinny brunette teen Autumn Breeze and her perky tits and tight shaved coochy being filmed by her brother in her first amateur girl next door porno video clip only at Bring Me Your Sister.

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Your Sister Is A Jizz Cum Dumpster – Lainna White

Dude, I know you had questions about your sister but bringing her to me so you could watch her fuck is a little weird. I know, I run that stupid add in the local paper asking pissed off brothers that desire to teach their little sisters a lesson to Bring Me Your Sister and I’ll teach them to have a little admiration for their brothers but Jesus, you were a little too excited to video your sister having sex – in fact, the way you looked at the little cum-hussy when she first flashed her cunt was just a little weird for me.  But I guess she got you back when she let me cum in her mouth – then spit my cum in your face….. sometimes filming your sister fucking is not all it’s trumped up to be. Of course, you did stop by and pick up your copy of the movie so I’m sure you’re at dwelling whipping your monkey to your sister’s first smut movie as I type this….. Enjoy.


LainnaWhite amateur teen petite booty blonde sisp xxxp gnd sbj bfc

You Filming Me Cuming In Your Sister’s Mouth

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I’m Back!

One good thing about doing a lot of porno when you’re young is that there is always something new being published – even if it was filmed when I was still a teenager. But I’ve had a lot of requests to shoot something new so I went to see my friend, Richard Nailder with my brother (yes I owed him dough again) and made a few new shoots, the first of which was with my brother filming me and Richard Nailder and he just put up a few free galleries of me fucking him while my brother filmed it for Bring Me Your Sister. Here’s a few photograph from the the video clip – click on them to see the free galleries.

Anistaija Sucking Cock bfc sbj gnd xxxp oldny brunnette tattooed nnts sisp

Me Giving Richard Nailder Head

It’s been a while since I had a fat pecker so I was a little nervous but excited at the same time. It was also a little weird having my brother filming me fucking but that’s the only way I could pay him back for trashing his dwelling. I like this picture – my boobs and beaver look so nice – don’t you wish that was your pecker?

Anistaija Taking A Fat Cock

I’m Ready For Richards Fat Cock

So far, the only sites I shoot for are run by my friend Richard Nailder – join Bring Me Your Sister and get full access to all his sites – and every errant picture and video clip I’ve ever made.

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Try Anal Sex – Anistaija

Anistaija stopped by with her teen friend and wanted to try anal sex for the first time but she wanted me to shoot it so her and her boyfriend could go apartment and watch it. I think poor little  Anistaija should have picked a guy with a smaller boner for her first anal sex but she did manager to take all of her boyfriends boner up the pooper. I gave the kids a copy of their first anal sex movie and kept a copy for myself – you can see the entire movie on Glass Mannequin.

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Mischievous Goth Cunt-muncher Sex

I love tattooed and pierced gothic women and Faith Vega and Sadie are tow of the horniest goth pussy eating teenagers I’ve ever know. Lucky for me, I got to film them both having sex a few times. Lucky for you, I put all the pictures and movies online for everyone to enjoy.  The night we took this picture, faith and Sadie had stopped by to see if my hot-tub was working and I told them they could use it if I could do  mischievous sex set before they got their hair wet. Of course, the little cunts jumped at the chance and I was soon shooting hundreds of high quality pictures of these goth cunt-munchers having sex. See the images at Real Colorado Girls. This picture was taken at the start of the photo set – click on it to see a free gallery with more images of these two pussy eating sluts.

Tattooed And Pierces Goth Lesbians - FaithVega And SadieSinz gnd

Tattooed And Pierces goth cunt-munchers – Faith And Sadie

Faith is a super sexy tattooed Latina that I’ve known since her 18th birthday, Sadie was in the Army but got kicked out for fucking women – damn, I don’t have a chance in the Army ;-) . Both teens were still 18 when we took these pictures. Get your schlong out because you’re gonna desire to jerk off to these mischievous teenagers as they eat each others shaved coed snatches.

Free explicit smut Tours:    Glass MannequinReal Colorado GirlsBring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

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