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Ginger Cutie Satisfies Her Anal Fantasies

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These coeds started the evening with a decent talk and when their parents calmed down a little bit and left them all alone, they managed to reveal their dirty desires.

Kinky whore and her well-hung boyfriend took off their clothes right away, kissed, rubbed and caressed each other and after a felatio the cutie took the rod of her boyfriend into her anus. At first the stud was amazed, as he hoped to fuck her beaver and not her asshole but then he loved that new game and simply could not stop until an orgasm. To prove that they are nasty and playful, they even shot the full length photo set.

Watch really young girls giving their tight assholes!

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My Brother Filmed Me Fucking A Guy Called “papa”

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OK OK – I did fuck up my brother’s new video game – and of course he was pissed but the bastard didn’t have to pimp me out to pay for it. My fucking brother is an asshole! He never lets us play with his shit so when he caught me playing with his new play-station, I jumped up to run before he beat my ass and I tripped on the cables and pulled it off the TV and it crashed to the ground. Piece-of-shit broke and my brother was ready to kill me. He had saved for a long time to get the fucking stupid thing and now it was ruined – worst part is I had no money to pay the jerk- off back. I locked myself in my room and prayed he wouldn’t kill me.

A few hours later he showed up at my door and was being kinda nice – said he had found a way I could pay him back and it would be easy work. I still didn’t trust the fucker but he talked me into going with him. What he didn’t tell me was he was going to film me fucking an old man, who would pay him for my teen cooder. We got to to this guys apartment and he answered the door, there were all these video cameras in the old farts apartment. The old guy sat us down on the couch and asked why my brother was pissed. Now I’m usually a good sister so I wanted to make this right but I wasn’t too keen on fucking this guy – and I was even less keen on fucking him with my brother in the room – and even less keen on fucking him while my brother filmed me – but I didn’t have much of a choice.

Sister Sucks CockSister Takes Cock

I guess at some point I decided I was going to do it because before I knew it, the old fucker had my pants off and was licking my wet little pussy. It felt really good – and a little weird to have my brother filming it. Pretty soon I forgot that the sick pervert was filming me and started to really get into it – seems this old fart knows how to please a girl. When I pulled his pants down and saw his huge dick for the first time, I grinned, this wasn’t going to be that bad after all. The old guy fucked me hard and I came just before he did. My fucking pervert of a brother laughed as the old bastard shot hot cream all oner my soft titties.

I’m pretty sure my brother got a copy of the video from the old fart that fucked me cuz he spends less time playing video games now and more time locked in his room – sick fucker………….. You can see the entire video (and a bunch of other nasty sister’s videos too) on the old farts web site at BringMeYourSister.com – it’s kinda hot seeing myself get fucked!

Kisses, Violet

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I Like To Watch – Call Me Voyeur

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KiriStarr CandiceComer bgg xxx voyeur teen amateur brunette blonde fm masturbation gnd orgy skinny pltsNot all the people in Colorado Springs are prude church goers – some of us like to fuck – and some of us even like to watch our boyfriends fuck! Whenever Richard throws a party, someone is getting nude and more than likely, we’ll all getting laid too. It started in the hot tub when Richard and Logan started fucking Kiri Starr. Kiri is only 18 so can’t drink but this little teen slut doesn’t need to be drunk to fuck like the little ho she is. Richard and Logan fucked her pretty hard but the little cunt wanted more so after we all got out of the hot-tub, Russ and I invited her to the bedroom where I grabbed a sextoy and Russ grabbed Kiri. Being a massive voyeur, I like to watch my man fucking other teens. This time, I just followed them into the bedroom from the hot tub, grabbed a sextoy and sat in the corner and watched Russ fuck Kiri. I may be a bit weird, but Kiri’s boyfriend was filming it all – guess he has a bit of voyeur in him too.

So, I’m sitting there masturbating as I watch my man fuck the little slut, her boyfriend is filming and Richard walks in with a sexy little "butterface" and he hands her a camera. This poor teenager had never watched anyone else fuck and now she was thrown into filming our little orgy – she couldn’t leave because she couldn’t set the vid camera down. Richard took the bare photograph and the new teenager (never saw her before so I don’t know her name) filmed her first orgy. After Kiri’s second orgasm, and my third, I set the sextoy down and let Russ fuck me like a little tramp as Kiri played with my clitoris. Russ then shot a huge load of hot cum all over me. The new teenager was all embarrassed, Logan had a throbbing hardon, Richard was still taking pictures, and the three of us were all fucked out!

Later that night, Richard fucked the “butterface”, Russ fucked me again, then Russ and Richard did a double-penetration on Kiri. I tell you, Colorado girls know how to party!

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Nikki Coxx Sucks Penis For Dough!

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Times are tough nowadays especially for college students who can hardly afford to pay for their education. I know one lucky coed that won’t have to worry about all that. We spotted 19 year old biology major Nikki Coxx as she was heading flat after class. We told her about our special scholarship but straightforward Nikki asked us right away what the catch was. Once we fess up she hesitated but headed back to the studio anyway. She was rather coy and seemed indifferent even after we convinced her to take her top off. I decided to show her my ten inch erection and this slutty teen gobbled it up! She completely tossed that innocent teen act and became a total teen whore as I pound her cooch hard! Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE shoot ONLY at CollegeTeensBookBang.com!
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Female Masturbation Clip – Hard Bodied Coed Bitch

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Sexy Wet TeenWet Teen Pussy

Holly shit – filming this horny teen slut in the hot tub was an experience. When I mentioned to Anistaija that I wanted to video her in my new hot tub, she grabbed the Glass Mannequin dildo and starting stripping her clothes off. Anistaija is a super-sexy hard-bodied teen floozy that will fuck just about anything and I’m not one to pass up on the opportunity to video this sexy teen floozy stuffing things into her wet teen snatch.

I quickly grabbed a vid camera and headed out to the tub and proceeded to video this teen slut as she started working the glass dildo in and out of her tight little cunt. She then climbed up on the fountain and let the streaming water massage her hard clitoris as she fucked herself with the glass sex-toy. Her little coochie is so fucking tight that you can see it snap shut as she slides the glass mannequin dildo out of her snatch – like a fucking rubber-band.

The little floozy had at least three orgasms before deciding that she had had enough. If you enjoy female masturbation videos, this is a must-see; hot wet teen snatch being busted wide open.

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Alexa Benson

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Alexa Benson teen sbj redhead xxxp interracial anal bfc amateur Alexa Benson

Alexa Benson @ BlacksOnBlondes.com honey ALERT!!! What do we have here? Gorgeous 19 year old teen babe Alexa Benson is out walking her dog when she strolls by two black dudes, Justin Long and Jon Jon, discussing whether they like the snatch or the ass as their preferred port for docking their longboats. One guy prefers the juicy snatch, while the other votes for the tight asshole. Alexa Benson, of course, is packing both on her awesome teen body. She overhears the discussion, and comes right up, and offers to share her wealth of holes with these two debaters. Alexa Benson has one of those dainty dicked white boyfriends, and has heard about the massive black dicks these guys pack in their shorts, so she has been interested for some time in finding out for herself. Usually with a babe this hot, you can pretty much expect that she isn’t going to be a complete slut, especially when it comes to interracial assfucking, and DP – Double Penetration. Alexa Bensen is the exception! She not only sucks long black cock like it’s about to become extinct, she opens her snatch and asshole and gives herself over to the moment, and just lets these two black studs do it all! Alexa Benson gets her delectable snatch fucked like it’s never been drilled before. Her tight asshole gets rough treatment from a horse-sized black schlong, she gets her asshole and cooter stuffed at the same time by more meat than you can find at the butcher shop, and when it comes to A2M ass to mouth, she takes it straight in and down her throat without even the slightest wipe! One steaming shot has her getting her ass stuffed while she is devouring the butthole of the other guy! Alexa Benson finishes by taking an interracial creampie in her white snatch, and letting the asshole demolisher feed her a load of sticky interracial cum, which she greedily swallows! Just awesome!

Alexa Benson Alexa Benson

Visit BlacksOnBlondes.com, abode of the Dogfart Series for more of Alexa Benson

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Girl Next Door Teenager Fucks Her Petite Teenager Pussy

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Jayda showed up at the studio to do a glamor set but it appears that the cute teen had other things planned. Sneaking a purple toy in with her, she soon showed us just how nasty she could be. Peeling her purple underpants to the side, she flashed her shaved little muffin at the photographer.

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Of course he caught the babe flashing her tiny teen muffin on video. The real surprise came when the teen tramp pulled out a large purple toy and started stuffing it deep in her tiny teen muffin, sliding the toy over her puffy clit and then slowly pushing it deep into her wet little cunt.

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It got real hot when she got on her knees and poked her firm teen ass in the air. The purple toy still sliding in and out of her wet muffin, she showed us jut how deep she likes to be fucked. When she rolled back over and pulled the toy slowly out, you could see the semen dripping from her little teen cunt. Lucky for us, there are plenty of closeups of her little pussy.

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I put a few of the clip captures here but to see the entire DVD quality clip, you really should check out the website www.glassmannequin.com

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Butterfly Haze Solo Masturbation Shoot

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This sexy picture of the sexy eighteen year old porno model Butterfly haze was taken from the clip scene of her in one of her first solo masturbation photo shoots. The cute teenage brunette with pointy little tits and a firm teenager ass was trying out one of our new sex toys and the photographer was getting plenty of closeups for us all to enjoy.

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Butterfly Haze Masturbates for the camera

Watch Butterfly peal her briefs back show off her pierced teenager vagina. Watch her roll over on all fours and put her firm teenager ass in the air and spread her ass-cheeks as she stuffs the toy deep in her wet little cunt. If you like the teenager next door look, then you will love the girls on Real Colorado Girls – check out all the mischievous amateur teens on Real Colorado Girls today.

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Richard Nailder Fucks Angel Cakes

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That’s right – Richard Nailder fucked Angel Cakes in her very first smut film ever. Someone told me the hard-bodied teenager with the pointy little melons and colossal round big ass  looked a lot like Brooklyn Nights and when I asked Angel she said she was her little sister – now go figure, Richard Nailder the “sister fucker“  fucked Brooklyn Nights little sister while their gay brother filmed it all – now that’s fucked up! But wait, it gets better…. The reason Jayden is pimping his sister out is because his sister fucked his boyfriend! Apparently her brother’s fuck homie wasn’t as gay as he claimed to be because after getting a little of his sister’s cooder, he decided he liked women better and no longer fucked her brother. Shit – now even I’m confused.

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Richard Nailder Fucks Angel Cakes

Regardless of who fucked his sister, he was pissed and wanted a little revenge and who better to make a sister pay for her transgressions that Richard Nailder? Bring Me Your Sister and I’ll fuck her for you has always been his motto so when it comes to fucking Angel Cakes, he was up to the task. To see Richard Nailder hammering the cute brown haired teenager Angel Cakes in her first ever smut film check out Bring Me Your Sister today.

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More Sister Porno – Leslie Stroup

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Glass Mannequin Productions has been shooting sister porn since it launched Bring Me Your Sister two years ago. Leslie Stroup is the latest 18 year old sister to fall victim to her brother’s evil plan – seems she moved up from Texas to stay with her brother after graduating high school and being away from mommy for the first time, she did what most teenagers do – PARTY, PARTY, PARTY……   Of course, this was OK with her brother until he got in trouble with his landlord for noise complaints. Now he needed to come up with $600 dough for a security deposit of he was going to have to move. His only choice was to pimp his little sister out and have her make a porn so they wouldn’t loose the abode.  John showed up at papa’s door on Saturday morning with his sister in tow.  Of course, he never told his sister that she would be making a smut clip and he sure as hell didn’t tell her that he would be filming her fucking an older guy while she did it.

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Leslie Stroup

Just out of high school, John’s little sister had no clue what to do when put in such a situation – so she made the clip – despite her better judgment. At first it was a little awkward having her brother there as she screwed but she soon forgot that the pervert was there and started to enjoy having her pussy eaten by the old pervert. Obviously this wasn’t the first time John’s sister had been screwed by and older man.

John Films The Older Guy Eating His Sister's Pussy

John shoots The Older Guy licking His Sister’s Shaved teen Pussy

John did a immaculate job of filming his sister in her first smut video – he was more than eager to get in her face and giver her hell but the little tramp didn’t miss a beat – she just kept on fucking as her brother watched her titties slapping back and forth as she rode the old man’s throbbing schlong.

Papa Fucking His Sister As Her Brother Films

Papa Screwing His Sister As Her Brother Films

You can see the entire clip on Bring Me Your Sister – join today and get full access to all of the GMP sites at no additional charge. Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin.

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