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It’s All My Brother’s Fault

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I know it sounds like a cop-out but it’s all my brother’s fault that I got started in smut. The little vagina burnt his foot on my hair straightener and ran like a little babe to the doctor – costing him $300 in bills that if her were a real man, he would never have had to pay. Anyway, my brother was all ass-hurt so he took me to this old man’s house – once there, the dirty old man said he could help me pay my brother back – all I had to do was fuck him while my brother filed it. And my naughty brother was just sitting there grinning. I knew that my brother was wanting a few pictures of me disrobed but using the excuse of getting his coin back to persuade me to do smut was real low. But WTF – I’ve always wanted to make a smut vid it’s just that I never imagined that my brother would be there filing his little sister fucking. So there I was on the old man’s couch, my brunette hair in the old bastard’s face, my monstrous natural knockers pointed in the air, my wet little vagina filled with an old man’s fat cock and my naughty brother just feet away with a vid camera filming his sister getting fucked on-camera for the first time. It kinda turned me on :-) .

Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet

But to tell the truth, I loved having the old man’s cock fill my little little vagina – almost to the bursting point. I even got used to my brother being there – and I know he love it. As soon as we got dwelling he was surfing the members area of Bring Me Your Sister, downloading my vid and dozens of other sister-smut scenes. Sick fucker.

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Colorado Girl Next Door Has A Tight Coed Honey Pot

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Anistaija amateur teen blonde pierced plts tits gnd xxx girlfriend lbtsWhat do you do when you really hunger for to fuck a chick and you can’t ditch her boyfriend? Get her to fuck her boyfriend while you video it…..

Anistaija was one of my first models and I’ve always found her small teen body to be very sexy. During her first bare photo shoot, this sexy Colorado coed explained to me that her boyfriend wouldn’t devour her twat. Now being the upstanding gentleman that I am, I just had to show her what it was like to have her tight teen twat eaten by a pro. The little cunt had 3 orgasms, one after the other, before I was done and she was hooked.

It didn’t take me long to introduce her to teens. I even got to video her first chick-on-chick sex. Soon she was fucking as many of my amateur girl next door porno models as she could. The next step was to find some cute guy with a over sized dick to fuck her on camera.

When I mentioned this to her boyfriend, Ricky, he jumped at the chance to fuck her on camera. Ricky had never worked in porno before but he rose to the task and fucked this little tramp hard. He even offered to come back and work with her and my other models anytime I needed him – go figure!

The little fucker did come back and even managed to talk the little cunt into doing an anal porno film with him. Then he fucked his way through a few more amateur porno models – most with the help of his little teen floozy.

See all of their amateur porno videos – only at GlassMannequin.com

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Papa Pounded Her Honey Pot – Part 1

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What old fart doesn’t love to eat the shaved honey pot of a coed just out of high school? A few weeks back, Thena Sky stopped by to visit a guy in our neighborhood that everyone just knows as “Papa” ans she was feeling a little frisky.  Lucky for us, Papa likes to make homemade movies of all the coed sluts he fucks and post them on his website, Glass Mannequin. As soon as he posts a new film, I like to sneak in here and post his homemade porno on this blog for all of you to enjoy.

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Thena Sky is a hot coed from Colorado Springs and lives only a few blocks from Papa so it’s easy for her to sneak away from the place and fuck the old bastard without her parents noticing that she’s gone. On this bright Saturday afternoon, she told her parents that she was going to her teen friends place and instead, she made a quick detour to Papa’s place – as you can see in these homemade clips, Thena Sky had sex on her mind. Papa got right to business and it wasn’t long before he had his tongue buried in the skinny coeds shaved cunt. In fact, she had a quivering orgasm as he licked her honey pot.

After her orgasm, Papa slid his throbbing boner slowly into her tight little cunt and felt her warmness engulf him. Of course he wanted to sperm in her tight honey pot but he also wanted to make this last as long as possible – after all, it’s not every day that a 48-year old man gets to fuck an 18-year old honey pot. If you like these vids, you can see the full-quality full-length movies in the members area of Glass Mannequin. Your membership gets you full access to three hardcore amateur sites with hundreds of movies and over 50,000 high-quality pictures.  Join today.

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Everybody Loves An Orgy

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Now it’s not everyday that I get to film an orgy in my living room – and even more seldom that I get to hand the camera to someone else and jump in to help fuck the sluts but it does happen – and I have the real homemade sex films to prove it. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were all chillin at the flat. Matt had been saying that he had what it takes to make a clip and the teenagers were game so we got the camera’s out, handed the cameras to a few of the teenagers that didn’t desire to fuck on camera and we got to fucking.

ButterflyHaze RichardNailder MistySinn amateur teen bbg bgg orgy brunette redhead bfts gnd xxxp sbj lcm shaved pierced

Now – as usual, I’m only going to show a few free porno scenes this week – then I’ll show the rest in a week or so so be sure to bookmark this page. If you just can’t wait to see who fucks who, or if you desire to see the entire girl next door orgy in high-quality clip, then you can always check out the entire clip at www.glassmannequin.com

Matt had a little trouble getting his penis hard. In fact, he even had one of the camera teenagers sucking on it and he was still having trouble. It’s fine how many guys ain’t got what it takes to be a porno star – LOL. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good blowjob – and Misty sure as hell knows how to suck a man’s pecker. But watching Butterfly lick Misty’s wet cunt was as much of a turn-on as getting my pecker slobbered on.

Just as I was about to blow my wad in Misty’s warm mouth, I flipped the petite pecker sucker over and slammed my massive pecker deep inside her slippery wet cunt. I think Matt was still have trouble getting it hard – poor fucker! Let me just say that I had a fucking throbbing hard pecker and I was doing my best to hurt Misty with it.

Now you’ve heard me say it before, Butterfly has more than some sexy butterfly tattoos, she has one of the tightest teenager pussies I’ve ever fucked – But you’ll need to come back next week to see me fuck Butterfly – and see if Matt ever gets it hard. Or you can see the entire amateur porno video here.

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Piper Brady Gets Pimped By Her Perverted Brother

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It seems that Piper Brady has nothing but bad luck….. Recently she wrecked her fucking brother’s wheels and he wanted vengeance – of course he wanted the bucks to repair it too. In this most recent episode of Bring Me Your Sister, Richard Nailder (aka PapaGMP) makes a deal with 18-year-old Piper’s older brother so that he can fuck his sister while the brother films it. Of course, poor little piper had no real choice in the two demons plans.

Papa Feels Piper's Tits as Her Brother Films PiperBrady amateur xxxp sisp bnts booty hcm teen shaved brunette

Papa Feels Piper’s boobs as Her Brother Films

Piper is a real hot 18-year-old hussy with lovely brunette hair, brown eyes, double-d natural boobs and one of the biggest teen booties you will ever see. Her brother was so excited to see his sister naked for the first time that he was having a little trouble holding the camera steady – no problem, papa helped him as he played with his sister’s firm natural boobs.When Papa started munching his sister’s shaved cunt, she rolled her eyes and moaned gently. Now that looks like a lot of fucking fun!

Piper Brady and Her Brother

Piper Brady and Her Brother

The best thing about amateur teenagers is that you never know how they are going to like getting fucked on camera. From the super sexy footage that her bother set, it looks like the hard-bodied teen liked having her twat licked almost as much as she liked having a monster throbbing penis stuffed into her small teen cunt. I know her brother liked filming his little sister fucking because he had a throbbing boner during most of the set. If you yearn for to see more – then visit the best sister porn site on the internet: www.bringmeyoursister.com

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Maxi Ass – My First Cunt-muncher Encounter

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I’m not a cunt-muncher ad so it was a little weird when one of the babes helping with one of my shoots started hitting on me during the shoot. It helped that I was already a bit horny from the excitement of getting nekkid in front of a camera, that has always turned me on, but I doubt I would have let the babes any where near my pussy had I not already been a little turned on. But as soon as the super-cute Colorado teen Indica Young reached over and stroked my bald little pussy, I knew I wanted more of her delicate touch. In fact, I wanted more than her touch…. I wanted to feel the cute little blonde’s warm tongue on my already swollen clit. I wanted her to fuck me!

Indica Young Touches Maxi Booty In Her First Lesbian Encounter

Indica Young Touches Maxi ass In Maxi’s First cunt-muncher Encounter

What the fuck? Indica was supposed to be running the camera but I soon found myself trying to hold the camera as the small coed licked my wet little pussy. In fact, she was so good at licking the bean that I had a little trouble holding the camera steady as I climaxed during my first cunt-muncher encounter. The sensation of a teen licking my pussy was wonderful, she seemed to know what I wanted and responded perfectly to my quivers and spasms making me climax multiple times before taking the camera and letting me return the favor. Best part is we were shooting for my friend at Real Colorado Girls and so all of you can watch my first cunt-muncher film by joining today. Members of Real Colorado Girls get too see more of my amateur smut, including my first dozen scenes, with one membership that with any other site on the internet so join today.

Filming My First Lesbian Encounter maxibooty indicayoung gnd 1tm

Filming My First cunt-muncher Encounter

Sure I enjoyed fucking a teen but I’m still not cunt-muncher – but don’t be surprised if you catch me cunt munching again in the future and the best place to see me most is on Real Colorado Girls

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New Porno Site With Your Favorite Colorado Strippers

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Hey guys – I just launched a brand new amateur coed porno site that has a few of your favorite Colorado stripper on it. Now not all of the models are strippers or work at Colorado Strip Clubs but they are all from Colorado and that are all real perverted…….

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So start visiting Fabulous TnT’s and the Deja Vu in Colorado Springs and seeing if you know any of the perverted Colorado babes that have auditioned for me on camera. Real porno, real babes, and real fucking fun.


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Amateur Cunt-muncher Sex

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Faith and Sadie are two coed chicks exposed for the first time on www.glassmannequin.com and now exposed on www.realcoloradogirls.com for coed lovers everywhere to enjoy.  These two amateur chicks really get into each other and with over 500 high-quality photograph of their lesbo antics, there is plenty of good material to jerk off to.  My recommendation is to check out these tow chicks on www.realcoloradogirls.com and as a bonus, you get full access to two exclusive bonus sites at no extra charge.

Amateur Teen Lesbians FaithVega and SadieSinz lcm brunette amateur gkg gnd latina

Amateur coed Lesbians

Of course, there are lplenty of shaved honey pot pics of theses two carpet-munchers – and no shortage of photograph where one of them has her tongue burried in the other’s little coed cunt. See all the pics at www.realcoloradogirls.com

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Nubile Arina’s First Anal

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Check out this wild scene of coed nubile Arina who’s always ready to suck and fuck any man she meet in the rave club. The last night when the club party was over, sinful Arina decided to continue the fun with a stranger. She ended up at his apartments. They both were loaded with Vodka and filled with pure lust. It wasn’t going to be long before things started to get “out of control”.

Nubile Arina brunette teen anal xxxp panties goth booty lbts

The homie took turns sliding his penis into tender Arina’s coed mouth till it become hard enough to be inserted into that sweet coed asshole. As you can guess, it wasn’t long before Arina’s mouth got filled with a massive load of pretty cream…

Nubile Arina Video

Visit NubileOnes.com to watch this whole episode.

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Free Sister Porno

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ButterflyHaze teen amateur tattooed shaved brunette cumshot pierced tattooed petite plts sisp xxxp gnd

I just put a bunch of free smut pics of Kirstoff’s little sister Butterfly getting fucked by that old perv PapaGMP up. It wasn’t so bad that the old bastard fucked her but that her perv of a brother filmed her getting screwed – all because he caught her fucking his wife. Some brothers will do anything for a little payback.

tiny teen cunt

Now Butterfly is as cute a teenager ink-slut as you’ll ever see but she really prefers to fuck girls – having to fuck this old guy probably wasn’t on her list of things-to-do that week but her asshole of a brother wanted to see here fucked so the little perv drug her ass to Papa’s home. Papa did a pretty good job of grudge-fucking Butterfly and Kirstoff was happy to see his little sister hurting as Papa slid his king-sized meat in and out of her dainty teenager cunt.

papa\'s cum on his sister

Papa finished by shooting a monster load of hot cream all over the butterfly tattoos on Butterfly’s belly. Then he paid Kirstoff for his sister’s smut video and gave him a copy of the tapes. I’ll bet the sick fucker jerks off to the video clip he made of his little sister getting fucked by the old man. Hell, I did why shouldn’t he? If you hunger for to see a few more free smut pictures of Kirstoff’s little sister, CLICK HERE.    Or see all the images and shoots at BringMeYourSister.com

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