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Anistaija, 18 Year Old Amateur Girl Next Door Teen Porno Model

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Anistaija was one of Glass Mannequin Productions first models. This sweet teenager had never been in front of the camera before but she relaxed quickly once she got to know me and the crew. Her first few smut shoots were just naked pictures but we soon had this sexy teenager smut actress devouring her friends teenager cunt. By the time Anistaija had been with us for a few weeks, she was taking Ricky’s jumbo pecker on camera. I often said that’s it’s good to be me but watching this teenager tramp ride up and down on Ricky’s hard pecker, made me wish I were him.

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Spread Her Butterfly Twat

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This sick bastard drug his little sister to me for a good grudge fuck after she fucked his wife. Seams the little harlot has no infatuation for the sanctity of marriage nor any infatuation for her older brother, no wonder he decided to pimp her out in her first smut movie. Now I’m not sure if watching your sister get fucked is normal but Kirstoff seamed like he was enjoying watching the old fucker that runs Bring Me Your Sister

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Kirstoff Agrees To Pimp Out His Sister

This guy’s sexy little sister is known as “Butterfly Haze” and it’s not just for the butterfly tattoos that she has on her hard teenage body – take one look at her little “butterfly vagina” and you’ll yearn for to kick her brother off the camera and hold it yourself. In fact, since she’s not your sister, go ahead and slide your tongue right up her little “butterfly”.

Spreading His Sister's "Butterfly Pussy"

Spreading His Sisters Butterfly Pussy

If she were your sister, you think she’s be a little pissed off if you pimped her out? Well, Butterfly was a little pissed at her brother and she really didn’t appreciate her fuckin pervert of a brother watching the old guy fuck her. In fact, I think you can tell from the look on her face that getting grudge-fucked as her brother filmed it wasn’t at the top of her list of things to do on a Saturday night.  Of course, you might yearn for to glance at her hard teenage body and her pointy pierced nipples just like her nasty brother did ;-) .

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

If you would like to see more of Butterfly Haze with her pink little vagina spread wide open, check out the full-length movies and high-quality pics on the main websitewww.bringmeyoursister.com

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Honey Dew – Natural Mexican Girl Teen Porno Actress

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HoneyDew brunette amateur teen Latina nude model gnd

This sexy teen tart was my very first explicit smut model. Her and her girlfriend did a teen-teen shoot then we fucked the two teen sluts in their first explicit groupsex video. Honey’s made a good half dozen amateur smut shoots for Glass Mannequin and each one is as hot as the next. Honey is more than a model, this teen amateur is a sweet a person as you’ll ever meet – Honey truly is the teen next door.

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Richard Nailder And Thena Sky

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Thena Sky has been a dear friend since just after her 18th birthday when I met her at a local club. Thena even lived at my place for a few months between jobs. Thena’s cute looks normally match her sweet personality but during this set she was being a little cunt. It all started before the set – she had been texting a new guy that she really wanted to fuck  and she was all horny from texting the dumb fucker. Before the set the set, this little cunt told me she would be thinking about her telephone sex homie and pretending it was him stuffing his hard pecker deep in her tiny little cunt. Oh well – so she would rather think about a younger guy as the old bastard fucker her tight little pussy – what do I care? I’m the one that’s going to set my hot sticky semen all over her skinny coed body.

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Richard Nailder: Thena Sky

Anyway, about 3/4 through the set I was fucking her pretty hard when I had the nervethe f to say something to her….   The little cunt turned to me and said “Richard, would you shut the fuck up! You’re ruining it for me…..” Oh well, at least I got to fuck her – even if she would rather dream about someone else ;-)

You can see this video clip along with a bunch more of the sexy coed amateur girl next door Thena Sky on Glass Mannequin

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Hot Mexican Girl Chick – Faith Vega

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Latina coed Faith Vega is one of the regular amateur teens on our websites and we are the only site on the internet that has any undressed images of this 18 year old Mexican Girl babe and you can see them all by joining any one of our amateur smut sites. Glass Mannequin has hundreds of pics of Faith Vega and we’ll be posting more over the next few weeks. Faith has an superb pair of natural tits a petite teenager ass and one of the smoothest shaved snatches I’ve ever seen. You can see her stuffing toys into her little Mexican Girl pussy, fucking hot teenage babes and even sucking and fucking her boy friend on Glass Mannequin.

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Sexy Mexican Girl coed Faith Vega

Free Mexican Girl Tour at Glass Mannequin

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Papa Pounded Her Teen Pussy – Part 2

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Last week we showed you the first six homemade clip clips of 18-year old Thena Sky fucking her 48-year old neighbor and as usual, we’re back with more clips of this nasty encounter between this old guy we call Papa and his neighbor chick that’s younger than his own daughter. Thena Sky is a little cunt that really loves penis but papa’s penis is so substantial that when he really pounds her tight teen cooder, she winces a bit from the pain. Sure she like how it fills her little cooder but damn, it’s a lot of penis for such a tender young teen. You can see the full clips on Glass Mannequin

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Thena Sky is not the only hot teen on Glass Mannequin but she’s one of the most fun. This young woman loves sex and it’s a rare day that she’s not riding someone’s penis. The good part is she let’s almost everyone fuck her and most of them get to video her. She loves to be in homemade scenes and she’ll do almost anything to show off her teen cooder – even fuck the neighbor guy that’s 30 years older than her.

So, if you like these clips – imagine how nice it is to watch the entire vid in 5 times the quality and with no interruptions. You can see her and more if you join Glass Mannequin now – In fact, we’ll give you full access to two bonus sites at no extra cost just for joining today.

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Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Anistaija

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I waited a long time to get a babe as sexy as Anistaija to suck my schlong – and fuck me, she did a fabulous job.

Anistaija Sucks Mr. Richard's Cock sbj xxxp teen amateur plts blonde oldny sisp

Anistaija Sucks Mr. Richard’s Cock

This cute neighbor teen made the mistake of wrecking her brother’s ride and not having a way to pay him back. Being the loving brother that he is, he brought her to me so I could audition her in her first explicit porno film. I had a fine time – and apparently she liked it enough to come back and do 30+ more video clips for me. Anistaija has one of the cutest little asses and tightest coed vaginas so she was a real joy to fuck. excellent how such a small little thing can take so much schlong. You can see Anistaija on all three of Mr. Richard’s sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin, and Real Colorado Girls.

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Violet Little Sucks Penis

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Violet Little is a petite young mom that loves sex – and because of this, she’s had a lot of practice sucking erection. Lucky for us, this hot teenage mom isn’t afraid of sucking a little erection when the cameras are rolling. In this hot head video, Violet is doing her best to get Richard Nailder to set his cream deep in the back of her throat but he manages to hold off long enough to fuck her first. Violet can only be seen sucking erection on Glass Mannequin so check her out today.

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Violet Little Sucks Cock

If you long for to see Violet giving blow job – then check her and the rest of the erection sucking teens on Glass Mannequin

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Two Kinky Teens Serve A Lad

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Majority of guys prefer seeing teenagers taking clothes off in front of them. But these cuties decided to strip the stud at first and only after that to striptease and to tease him with that passionate action. When they had nothing on besides little underwear they focused on sucking a substantial dong of an excited homie and rubbing it with their curvy bodies.

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When his schlong was erected to the limit, hotties allowed him to screw their tight and wet holes by turns and also rode his dong in their turn. Sure, the homie loved playing the main role in a wild movie and doing nothing besides relaxing on camera.

Tons of mind blowing teen images and clips wait you inside!

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My Brother Had Me Do My First Porno Scene

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ButterflyHaze brunette teen amateur Latina sisp tattooed pierced xxxp gnd pltsOk, so I did fuck his wife, and she decided that I was a better fuck than he was so she left his skinny ass and moved in with me. He’s all pissed off cuz she left him for me and now she’s filed for divorce. Anyway the stupid fucker got me to agree to helping to pay for his divorce (I only agreed so I could have her to myself and get him out of my hair) but I didn’t have any bucks. Anyway, Kirstoff (my brother) came to me the other day and told me he had a unsurpassed way for me to earn the bucks for his stupid divorce. My stupid fucking brother wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We drove to this older guys home and went to the door. When he answered the door, he invited us in and sat us on the couch. He had cameras everywhere and I was starting to get the idea – my brother wanted me to do a porno scene for this old fart.

I wanted to kill my brother but I had no other way to get the bucks and the old guy was nice enough. I finally agreed to fuck the old bastard but then he handed a camera to my brother I about peed myself. No fucking way was I going to let my own brother video me! But what choice did I have? So Kirstoff filmed me.

When the old bastard starting kissing me I was getting horny – and I could tell he was from the bulge in his pants. I could feel my tight teenager coochy getting wet – I hadn’t been with a man since I started fucking my brother’s wife and I wanted to feel his hard penis in my tight teenager coochy. That was till I say how monstrous it was – christ – I hadn’t had penis in months – how was I going to take all that in such a tight little coochy?

Well, it did hurt but the old fucker was as kind as could be expected. You could tell he liked fucking me. Sex with the old fucker would have been more fun if my brother hadn’t been there bitching about me fucking his wife. Every time he’d look over, I’d stare at the fucker like I was going to kill him. He wold shake his bj and cures – all the time getting turned on by seing a hard penis in his sister’s cunt.

In the end, the old man came all over my belly, paid my brother and we left. As I was leaving, I got the old guy’s number and decided I would do this again – I like sex and I missed having a hard penis in my tight coochy. Only next time my stupid fucking brother wouldn’t be watching. Since that first porno scene with Papa (that’s what the coeds call him), I’ve been back and made a good dozen more explicit and lesbo films. Check them out at www.bringmeyoursister.com and www.glassmannequin.com

Hope you like my little shaved coochy…….. XOXOXOXOXO Butterfly

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